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We specialize in acoustic curtains of both types; Quiet Curtains™ that block sound (usually for windows or room dividers) and Acoustic Curtains™ that absorb sound (for rooms with too much echo/reverb). Depending on your noise problem we might use a combination of sound blocking and sound absorbing. Our elegant acoustical curtains and drapes are custom made for our clients’ commercial, acoustic, and residential use.


Our curtains are designed to block and absorb sound. It reduces most noise from outside and reduces echo and noise inside.


Our proprietary lining blocks out light in all our curtains. You won't be disturbed by moonlight, street lights, or the rising sun.

Thermal Regulation

Our curtains help prevent heat from entering or leaving helping to regulate the temperature.

Beautiful High Quaity Fabrics

We offer six different quality fabrics in over 200 color swatches.

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Looking for curtains for windows, room dividers, doors, loft, playroom, and more start here.


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What Makes Quiet Curtains™ Different

curtain lining technology

Quality at Affordable Price

Our products are similarly priced to custom curtains, but ours have the advantage of a privacy lining that is soundproof and blackout. We achieve this by a long standing direct relationship with fabric mills. We also make the curtains in house in Southern California. Finally, we sell directly to you the customer. All this mean you are working directly with the manufacturer, we are cutting out the middleman, and we are passing the savings up to 200% compared to a traditional curtain store onto you!

curtain lining technology


Quiet Curtains is one of the few companies that offer a curtain with true protection from noise and sound. We have the upper hand on our competitors with a lining that is lab tested with our fabrics to provide high sound absorption and sound blocking characteristics. We have worked with sound scientists to create linings that are perfect for various applications. Our curtains still behave and look like normal curtains with some added benefits.

See what a Senior acoustical Scientist Thinks

“Quiet Curtains have consistently outperformed all competitors by offering the best, well engineered sound blocking and sound absorbing curtain systems in the United States”

Dear Scott:

I have been dedicated to the field of architectural acoustics for over 25 years, where my experience has revealed that there is always a need to satisfy valuable clients with quality products and services. I am confident in saying that you and your team at Complete Soundproofing have consistently outperformed all competitors by offering the best, well engineered sound blocking and sound absorbing curtain systems in the United States.

My travels take me far and wide and into the most exotic of acoustical engineering requirements. I have found that over these many years not only do you understand the complexity of acoustical curtain materials, but you have taken the painstaking diligence to test your products and correctly apply their physical properties to your remarkable sound blocking and sound curtain product line. I truly feel that this effort, on your behalf, has made my job easier by allowing me the opportunity to peruse your ever-growing product line for satisfying a variety of my client’s particular needs. Please keep up the good work and I greatly look forward to your new product releases in the near future.


signature arcadis

Michael Burrill, INC
Director / Senior Acoustical Scientist