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Soundproofing Curtains

Lab tested & field proven to block 20dB reducing noise by 60%

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Perfect Sounding
Acoustic Curtains

Tested on everything from home theaters to professional recording

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Custom Stitched, elegant Curtains

We specialize in acoustic curtains of both types; those that block sound (usually for windows or room dividers) and those that absorb sound (for rooms with too much echo/reverb). Our elegant acoustical curtains and drapes are custom made for our clients’ commercial, acoustic, and residential use.


Thermal Regulation

Beautiful High Quaity Fabrics

Hand Crafted in USA, Quality Guarantee

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Looking for curtains for windows, room dividers, doors, loft, playroom, and more start here.


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Looking for curtains for home theater, recording studio, theatre, music room, and more start here.


Looking for curtains for hospitals, construction, hotels, event spaces, conference rooms, restaurants, and more start here.


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