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Quiet Curtains Lets you select the noise characteristics that are right for you

We offer two main categories for dealing with sound issues Sound Blocking and Sound Absorbing. Both properties can be used together, but we recommend you start with the category that most fits your needs.

Sound Blocking Curtains

The Quiet Curtain™

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These are used to block sound and soundproof rooms. They are used to prevent noise from getting in or noise from getting out.

This curtain solves noise problems related to high traffic areas, loud neighbors, preventing highway noise, outdoor noise such as dogs, city noise, children playing, airplane noise, ambient noise, or loud music.
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Soundproofing door curtain

Door Curtains

Sound Blocking Room Divider Curtain

Room Divider Curtains

Sound Absorbing Curtains

The Acoustic Curtain™

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These are used to absorb sound in rooms. They are used to control echo, reflection, and dampen sound.

This curtain solves noise problems related to reflective walls and flooring, high echo, improve acoustics, wood flooring, high ceilings and more.

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Commercial Curtains

We use both the sound blocking and sound absorbing properties for our commercial customers. We tailor your curtains to your need.
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