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How to Block Out Noise While Studying

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Studying is a skill that will be applied at many stages of life. From the persistent college student to the relentless professional seeking continued education studying remains relevant throughout one’s lifetime. Over time, we each develop our own personal approach to studying and determine what environments advance our learning and make retaining information conducive. Noise is a powerful aesthetic so, we put together a few tips on how to block out noise while studying in order to make the most out of your surroundings based on preference.

Music can greatly impact your state of mind when you are studying and the best mood for retaining the most amount of information is a relaxed one. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the workload, added stimuli of noise may not be ideal, but if you need an extra boost of creativity, music or background noise may help. At this point science can’t conclusively tell us whether or not listening to music helps us study, it’s a much more personal decision.

If silence is what you prefer, it would align with the research that stress resulting from background noise may decrease higher brain function, impairing learning and memory. If you are able to, invest in noise-canceling headphones that cover the whole ear this will help to keep repetitive annoying sounds out of your ears. Earbuds can also minimize surrounding noise and are light and easy to carry.

Noise may be the outlet you need to focus or just one more interruption holding you back. Sound barriers such as extra foam padding for doors and walls can help. Having the option to add or remove sound barriers based on your study preference is ideal. With Sound Blocking Quiet Curtains you get ultimate control over your environment. Sound Blocking Quiet Curtains are laboratory tested and field proven STC sound blocking curtains that not only block out sound but light as well.

Choose from our many tested fabrics and colors that give you the flexibility to shut out the noise or welcome it in! Call us at (858) 272-3615 or toll free at (866) 560-6411 to discuss colors and sizes and to order your Quiet Curtains today!

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