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How to Soundproof an Office

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Knowing how to soundproof an office means understanding noise always follows the path of least resistance. How to soundproof a home office versus an open collaborative space with no walls are two very different undertakings. Since there is no standard design for the workplace (cubicle, collaborative spaces, home office) efficiently keeping noise out varies. Soundproofing will not only protects the confidentiality of your clients but can prevent the the constant activity of a busy workplace that can lead to stress resulting from background noise that could decrease higher brain function, impairing learning and memory.

Noise, a.k.a. unwanted sound, is one of the most common complaints raised by employees working in open office concepts where employees are situated together in a large space with little to no separation. Headphones that go over the whole ear can help to keep repetitive annoying sounds out. Earbuds can also minimize surrounding noise and are light and easy to carry. Since there are no walls to help you keep sound in or out, inexpensive options can be limited in these types of spaces. Bringing in sound absorbing materials without sacrificing design can be helpful. Also designating loud and quiet spaces can help keep productivity in the office up.

If you are working in a more traditional office setting, or need to soundproof the home office, first asses every door, window and wall. How to soundproof an office wall would be a slightly different approach then how to soundproof an office door. Sealing all openings into your office, and then considering strategies for absorbing more of the sound as it passes through the wall, ceiling, floor and door materials. An extra layer of drywall or some type of insulation can also help with soundproofing. Since you have more control over aesthetics in a home office, try special thick paints that are designed to reduce sound by up to 30 percent, but can be costly. Fabric wallpaper can also help to absorb unwanted sound.

No matter the office setting, Quiet Curtains is an easy, affordable and versatile way to block sound and the outside elements. Acoustic Quiet Curtains absorb sound within in a room and we also make combination sound blocking and sound absorbing curtains which are great for groups doing work that needs to be confidential or when dealing with clients and sensitive matters. Quiet Curtains can be made in a wide range of constructions including pleated, Ripplefold, flat panel, Roman shades and our new STC 17 roller shades can complement any office setting.

Call us at (858) 272-3615 or toll free at (866) 560-6411 to measure and to discuss colors and sizes!

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