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How To Soundproof My Bedroom

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Silence and solitude can give the mind a much needed break from our fast track lifestyles. For many of us, the bedroom is the only opportunity we get to acquire that much needed solitude. Soundproofing your sleeping quarters can be a difficult task with an overwhelming amount of options. The first step is to understand how sound gets there, and what options you have to minimize it. The vast majority of the noise getting into your bedroom or office is coming through (and around) doors and windows.


A pair of earplugs, white noise machine, or a small fan running on a low speed are all great and easy ways to help mask distracting sounds and cover up any intruding noises.


Once you have identified other sources of noise pollution you may find yourself limited on how much control you have. This is when methods that block and absorb sound will work best. Vinyl panels for your windows, removable door gaskets to cover any parts of the door where sound may be entering. For a more permanent fix Double-Pane Windows, beneficial for home-owners, since it will increase the value of the home can also come with a hefty price tag for materials and installation. Similar to the double-pane windows, you can install a door kit around your door to block the large gaps that allow noise to seep through. Although the benefits are permanent the kit may not be the most visually appealing. All of these methods are useful, but the true solution that requires the least amount of work and investment is our Acoustic Quiet Curtains to soundproof a bedroom.


When placed over a door or window, Quiet Curtains can block and absorb sound waves solving the many basic issues of getting a good night’s sleep. They can even block out light and heat to give you the ultimate black-out experience. Quiet Curtains are custom made and come in numerous styles including pleated, ripplefold, flat panel, and roman shades to match any bedrooms décor. We will help you choose the right curtain to achieve both the noise control and the best look for your environment and budget.

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