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How to Reduce Noise in a Restaurant

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Current dining trends are leaning toward a more casual dining experience with a farm to table culinary philosophy and it’s having a direct influence over a restaurant’s lay-out, design and aesthetics. With fine dining on the decline tablecloths, wall fabrics and carpet are being replaced by granite, marble, wood floors and exposed brick for a more industrial look. While these designs are pleasing to the eye, unintended consequences can be heard echoing through many dining establishments, as owners find ways to diminish extra noise created by hard surfaces causing sound to bounce instead of being absorbed. This echoey cafeteria like sound can be displeasing to guest as they struggle to hear conversations over the table or run into communication mishaps with the wait staff.

Below are a few tips on how to dampen sound in a restaurant while keeping the design modern. The problem with hard surfaces like brick and granite, is that without covering up these hard surfaces you can not absorb any of the echo and that could negate a lot of the design elements. Think about the placement of large machines that emit constant noise like an ice maker or machines with compressors. With proper attention to placement detail you can control and tame the acoustic of these noisy machines and minimize the overall effect of these noises.

Introduce wall or ceiling panels that are either an accent to the look of the room, or installed in such a manner that it blends with the paint scheme of the room and can overcome the sound of noisy machinery. The easiest and quickest way to dampen sound in a dining room is to use partitions and barriers like Quiet Curtains. They are custom made, easy to install and can help break up sound paths, block or absorb sound to reduce reverberation and echo in a room. In addition to being functional they are also elegant and an asset to any dining room.

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