How to Soundproof a Home Theater Room

Home theater rooms are an increasingly common amenity in new homes and also older homes that are being remodeled to adopt this modern design trend. Ingesting media has become part of our DNA, so it’s natural that you want to create a comfortable home theater room (or man cave) for an optimal cinematic experience when … Read More

How to Reduce Train Noise at Home

Rail transit is still very common when it comes to transporting cargo or passengers. If you live or work by a railway, the usefulness of this type of transportation is more than likely overlooked due to the unwanted noise this type of transportation can cause within a community. You are more than likely here looking … Read More

How to Soundproof an Office

Knowing how to soundproof an office means understanding noise always follows the path of least resistance. How to soundproof a home office versus an open collaborative space with no walls are two very different undertakings. Since there is no standard design for the workplace (cubicle, collaborative spaces, home office) efficiently keeping noise out varies. Soundproofing … Read More

How to Soundproof a Baby’s Room

Life before having a baby was easy. Those were the days when you may not have noticed noises around the home that would in the future impact day-to-day life: a barking dog, door slamming, neighbor beeping the car horn, and the list goes on. After surviving the first week or so at home with a … Read More

How to Reduce Noise in a Restaurant

Current dining trends are leaning toward a more casual dining experience with a farm to table culinary philosophy and it’s having a direct influence over a restaurant’s lay-out, design and aesthetics. With fine dining on the decline tablecloths, wall fabrics and carpet are being replaced by granite, marble, wood floors and exposed brick for a … Read More

How to Soundproof a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are a staple in residential and commercial design for the openness, and great views they can bring to a room. Although functional, glass doors may only provide a thin barrier between a peaceful room, and the noisy elements of the outside world. Soundproofing your home can range from a few simple improvements … Read More

How to Block Out Noise While Studying

Studying is a skill that will be applied at many stages of life. From the persistent college student to the relentless professional seeking continued education studying remains relevant throughout one’s lifetime. Over time, we each develop our own personal approach to studying and determine what environments advance our learning and make retaining information conducive. Noise … Read More

How To Soundproof My Bedroom

Silence and solitude can give the mind a much needed break from our fast track lifestyles. For many of us, the bedroom is the only opportunity we get to acquire that much needed solitude. Soundproofing your sleeping quarters can be a difficult task with an overwhelming amount of options. The first step is to understand … Read More

How to Soundproof My Home Recording Studio

soundproof studio

Whether you’re just dabbling in the music scene or are a seasoned professional, the need to soundproof your home recording studio is paramount. Our Acoustic Curtains are the solution you need to soundproof your home recording studio to achieve the crisp sound and finished product that you desire. Our Acoustic Quiet Curtains reduce reverberation and … Read More

How to Soundproof your Apartment


There is a surge in migration to the cultural epicenters found in our urban areas. The art. The food. The music. Along with all of that comes the inevitable: the noise. You’re making ends meet, you’re hitting the day job from nine to five, hitting the gym after work and then maybe dinner or drinks … Read More